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Updated: Jun 27, 2018

We are excited to announce that our "Featured Friend" for February is Ryan James; co-artistic director of Don't Look Down Their next show is in May - Criminal Genius by George F. Walker. Find out more below and stay tuned all month to find out more!  As previously mentioned in our January feature, we at Theatre Georgian Bay find the family dynamic within the world of theatre both inspiring and important. Although we may be a small collective of seven (with 12 founding members). There are many people who have led us to the successes we’ve had today. These are people and performers who we cannot wait to celebrate more with. Throughout the year we will sprinkle a few “featured friends” amongst the mix of ourselves. Now that February has come to a close we would like to celebrate our “Featured February Friend” Ryan James.  Now, I myself very quickly became drawn to Ryan; (and there is no doubt in my mind that we all had very similar experiences) he is someone with true compassion, friendship and an honesty that is unmatched to anyone I know. We are all human and we all have our ups and our downs and I personally met Ryan at one of the most trying emotional times in my life. He greeted me immediately with a kind smile and open arms, and an open heart. This was an instant friendship and Ryan was instantly part of the theatre family. We, the entire collective, understood that and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Ryan has helped us to explore so many avenues and supported us on many ventures as any excellent family member does. He has been involved in both our “Bard on the Bay” productions, our 2017 Cabaret – he even was a reader for our 2017 play reading series “Scenes on a Sunday.” Ryan has given us his heart and his soul, and shared with us his happiness, hugs and humour. We couldn’t be more proud to be continually working with such a talented person.  Within our mandate and overall goal at Theatre Georgian Bay we want to present more relevant, more Canadian content and luckily Ryan James has a very similar attitude. This talented performer has many skills – among them directing and writing. He is amazingly, at his young age, already the co-artistic direct of Don’t Look Down Theatre Company and is currently in rehearsals as Stevie in their production of Criminal Genius by Toronto playwright George F. Walker. 

Don’t believe me? Read his bio below! 

Ryan is one of the Co-Artistic Directors of Don't Look Down. He has been involved in the writing and directing process of previous shows by Don't Look Down. In the most recent production ‘Never Swim Alone’ by Daniel MacIvor, Ryan played Bill. Ryan is a recent graduate from Fanshawe College's Theatre Art program, as well as New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts(NYCDA) for film, television and commercial acting. Currently he is living in Toronto, pursuing a career in acting. Recently, Ryan has been performing in productions by Theatre Georgian Bay and Plays by Bird. Other credits include: Lysander in A midsummer nights dream (Theatre Georgian Bay), Tom in ‘Opening Night’ (Plays By Bird), George Gibbs in ‘Our Town’ (Fanshawe College). In Don’t Look Downs upcoming show ‘Criminal Genius’ by George F. Walker, Ryan will be playing Stevie. 

Now as previously mentioned. Ryan is the co-artistic Director of Don’t Look Down, Let’s take a look at the entire team! There are two more artistic directors on Board, Cedric Martin and Daniel Entz. Their bios can be found below.  Cedric Martin Cedric is one of the Co-Artistic Directors of Don’t Look Down. He has acted in 2 productions and directed 2. In Rose of Youth Cedric played John Musselmann, and co-directed the show. For both Local Man Ruins Everything and Not Good Cedric was the solo director. In Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor he played Frank. Cedric has enjoyed his recent position in Don’t Look Down’s production of Here Lies Henry, as Dramaturg. Recently, Cedric was performing across Ontario with Big Kid Entertainment touring company performing in productions of Hansel and Gretel, and Rapunzel, playing a Baker and a Witch. Other recent credits include: Police officer in Street Scene (Opera by Request), John Musselmann in Rose of Youth (Don’t Look Down), Pavel Kirsanov in Nothing Sacred (Fanshawe College), and Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night (Fanshawe College). Upcoming film work: Cedric will be be appearing in Winterbourne: A Horror Anthology (Stained Glass Media). Upcoming Theatre: Cedric will jump back into being a director for Don't Look Down Theatre's production of Criminal Genius by George F Walker! Daniel Entz Daniel is one of the Co-Artistic Directors of Don't Look Down. He has acted in 3 of their previous productions, and directed 2, including the most recent production of Here Lies Henry by Daniel MacIvor. Recent credits include: Director of ‘Here Lies Henry,’ (Don’t Look down and Squirrel Suit Productions.) 'Never Swim Alone.' (Don't Look Down) Acting: Simon in 'Not Good.' (Don't Look Down.) Narrator in 'Local Man Ruins Everything.' (Don't Look Down.) Simon in 'Rose of Youth.' (Don't Look Down.)Upcoming for Daniel is a step back into acting, to explore the exciting world of Criminal Genius through the character of Phillie.  Here’s a little more info on Criminal Genius:  Coming to Toronto this May is the fast-paced comedy Criminal Genius by renowned Canadian Playwright, George F. Walker. This will be the first George F. Walker play produced by Don’t Look Down Theatre Company, and they couldn’t be more excited. This young company is rapidly making a name for itself in the GTA. The Company, founded just 2 years ago by Fanshawe College Graduates, will share their 6th show at Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace, in Downtown Toronto. Criminal Genius is a story of two bumbling criminals, Rolly and Stevie, who, despite being in way over their heads, are eager for the work. The job immediately goes downhill, with kidnapping, arson, and shootouts, this show is an action-packed hit. Runs from May 3rd - 6th. Have any questions you’d like to ask the team? We’ll fill you in more on the ups and downs and all arounds of the production as the month of March moves forward. Can’t wait to see you in the audience.  All the love and hugs, Theatre Georgian Bay Collective Member: Julia Beaulieu


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